Sonic Shield

This is a prop I built for a zombie commercial of some sort. It generates a sonic shield to protect against zombie attack, while pumping water from the earth to hydrate human survivors.  tasty.

The Kama is Near.

People of the Internet. Internet of the People. I got some good news! Just finished inking the massively awesome and hilarious "Hippy Kama Sutra", written by Sam Benjamin and Candice Lori coming out on Rare Birds Lit next fall.  Check it. Make it. Skake it? This is four selects of 30!!! drawings. You like it.

love Wohldo

Jelly Souls at Montclair Film Fest

heeeeey.  Here's the official announcement! Jelly Souls will be playing at the bodacious Montclair Film Festival. Please come check it out.  It's playing at the Bellvue Theatre. 5/4 at 7:45. yus. 

Stellestrian: the lost panel

It's been 3 years (almost I think) since I made "the Stellestrian" with J. Criag Stiles. Here's a long lost panel, got cut from the book, but enjoy on the side. "The Stellestrian" is available in Amazon for download. Digeth it.